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Big Tim’s Red Popcorn 2 lb

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Big Tim’s red butterfly popcorn pops into a bright white, sweet and nutty tasting snowflakes. Popping your own popcorn with Big Tim’s Red Popcorn gives you the ability to season and flavor your popcorn anyway you wish! You can crunch away with your favorite toppings or snack away on them plain. Either way you devour them, our popcorn is a snack that will sure satisfy any craving! Whats even better is Big Tim’s Red Popcorn comes in a resealable bag, keeping your kernels fresh.

Yields: Approx 112 cups of popped popcorn per 2lb bag.

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4 reviews for Big Tim’s Red Popcorn 2 lb

  1. Nicole Sipple

    Big Tim’s Red Kernel Popcorn is delicious, tender and crunchy. The popcorn is seriously addicting. I love that I can buy unpeopled kernels. It enables me to make as much as I’d like whenever I’d like and best of all I can make all sorts of toppings! I highly recommend this popcorn to anyone who loves making popcorn at home.

  2. Tammy

    Big Tim’s popcorn is the best tasting popcorn you will ever try.. if you haven’t try it yet you need too… it’s my go to snack.🍿 homegrown, dried and packaged with love 💜😊

  3. Kristen DeFisher

    The Best Popcorn!

  4. S. Hanna

    Tried Big Tim’s for the first time (purchased Jamaican Jerk) and I ate half the bag on the way home! Will definitely purchase more!

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