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Big Tim’s Popped Red Popcorn 5oz Goodness Grape-cious!


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Indulge in the grape-tastic wonder of Goodness Grape-cious, our grape flavored popped popcorn that’s vine-ally here to twist your snack time into a fruity festival! Each kernel is a juicy burst of grape flavor, popping with a sweet and tangy taste that’ll make you grape your sides with laughter. It’s the perfect pick for those who crave a snack that’s oozing with grape-ness and a hint of pun-ny humor. So, let your snack time be grape-flavored and your laughs plentiful, because with Goodness Grape-cious, every pop is a reason to say, “Oh grape, that’s good!”

Yields: 5oz of popped popcorn.


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