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Big Tim’s Popped Red Popcorn 5oz Grinch Food

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Unleash your inner Grinch with our holiday special: Grinch Food Popcorn! Dive into the mischievous joy of tangy Lime and the sweet rebellion of Raspberry, all in one festive snack. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the season with a touch of Grinchy green and a burst of berry cheer. Each kernel is a tiny taste of holiday mischief that’ll have your taste buds singing carols. So, whether you’re plotting pranks or just spreading some popcorn joy, make it a Grinchy feast with the irresistible flavors of Lime and Raspberry – because even the Grinch can’t resist this festive treat!

Yields: 5oz of popped popcorn.

1 review for Big Tim’s Popped Red Popcorn 5oz Grinch Food

  1. Kristine

    This amazing first time trying and I ate the whole bag lol.

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