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Big Tim’s Popped Red Popcorn 5oz Chocolate Strawberry


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Savor the sweet fusion of Big Tim’s Strawberry Chocolate Popcorn, where every bite is a celebration of berry-rich bliss and decadent chocolate. Crafted from our distinctive red kernels, this popcorn transforms snacking into an exquisite experience, blending luscious strawberry sweetness with velvety chocolate notes. Perfect for indulging your dessert cravings or adding a pop of joy to any moment, it’s a gourmet treat that combines the fun of popcorn with the allure of chocolate-dipped strawberries. Dive into this delightful snack and let the burst of strawberry chocolate flavors make your taste buds dance with every crunchy, irresistible mouthful!

Yields: 5oz of popped popcorn.


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